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For Commuters

Commuter Krewe helps commuters and other travelers in Louisiana find a less stressful and less costly way to get to work or move around during rush hour. Our ride matching database can help you find others who live and work near you to share your commute. When you share a ride, you can lower your costs, save time and lessen the traffic congestion we experience in our region.

Much like carpooling to work, vanpooling on a daily basis can reduce the stress levels of individual employees by taking individuals out of traffic when commuting to work. In turn those individuals will also be able to save money by having less wear and tear on their personal vehicle while ostensibly improving our air quality by reducing the number of vehicles on out roadways. The effects of vanpooling are amplified because of the increased capacity for individuals in a vanpool. Individual employers are also able to receive tax benefits.

Public transportation in the U.S. is a crucial part of the solution to the nation's economic, energy, and environmental challenges. Recent data has indicated across the board that young people are opting out of obtaining a driver's licenses and choosing to live in cities were a robust public transit is a part of the fabric of everyday society. By having a robust public transit system local businesses will both attract and obtain top talent from across the country by granting users personal mobility and freedom. They will be able to save money, time, and contribute to the local economy.

In an effort to increase overall physical fitness, happiness, and brain power it is beneficial for local businesses to promote bicycling as a form of commuting to and from the workplace. Bicycling can reduce stress by taking commuters out of traffic and ostensibly giving them exercise during their daily commute. Like other forms of exercise biking can prevent cognitive decline, improve overall cognitive function, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Carpooling on a daily basis will allow commuters to save money by allowing users to their resources when traveling to and from the workplace. This also allows users to save money on gas, vehicle maintenance, and also reduces stress levels which will allowing individuals to be more productive in their work place. In turn by allowing employees to commute on a daily basis local businesses canbe stewards of our environment by working to reduce our carbon footprint and reducing traffic congestion.

In business you are always looking for ways to operate your business more productively, profitably, and efficiently. Organizations best suited for teleworking recognize the link between teleworking, enhanced productivity, and retaining top talent. Teleworking can increase productivity by reducing the time spent in traffic, support business continuity planning, minimize parking restrictions, reduce employee morale, and improve employee morale.

Walking Krewe

Like biking, walking to work on a daily basis is an effective step to improving work place morale by increasing the overall health of your employees. The added benefits of leading a more healthy lifestyle will lead to increased mental clarity that will help improve workplace productivity. And like all other TDM options walking to work can help improve air quality by reducing the amount of vehicle traffic on our roadways.

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Commuter Krewe is provided by Acadiana Planning Commission (APC), Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC), and New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (RPC), working with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD).

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